Head of Product Development

Job description

CrazyGames.com, a fast-growing browser games platform, is looking for a Head of Product Development in Leuven (Belgium). As our Head of Product Development you will lead the execution of our product strategy and help us build the global market-leading casual browser games platform. You will manage our team of developers and be the product manager for our websites and applications.


Key outcomes for the role:

  • Within 2 months you will have run 5+ A-B tests and put the successful ones in production.
  • Within 3 months you have specified and executed new product features that result in an uplift in user engagement.
  • Within 4 months you will scale our remote development team (together with our Tech Lead) to 4 developers. This includes hiring, documenting onboarding, organising development sprints, documenting workflows, and doing the non-technical management of the developers.
  • Within 12 months you will understand the codebase thoroughly so that you can specify and coordinate large new features that encompass multiple code projects.


What we offer:

  • 5 talented, skilled, and motivated colleagues (some in Leuven and some remote).
  • A modern tech stack: Node.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL. Running on AWS.
  • A lot of responsibility and freedom.
  • Flexible working hours and location.
  • Attractive remuneration including stock options.
  • The opportunity to play games and claim it's work.

Job requirements

Reach out if:

  • You are intelligent, efficient, and organized.
  • You have managed people before.
  • You have a computer science background and the skills and will to understand technical concepts and dive into the code.
  • You have a knowledge of technical concepts in the context of the web.
  • You can think in terms of users, can judge and prioritize features, and can convert them into technical requirements.
  • You have an eye for detail and for the big picture.
  • You combine knowledge of software development with a business sense, an interest in UX, management skills, and strong analytical skills